Volkswagen Polo 1.4 16v cam belt and water pump replacement

Here are a few pictures of how a VW polo 1.4 16v should be timed up using the correct equipment.
At RP Automotive Services we do not rely on tippex , drill bits, bolts or other methods for setting the timing we use the manufacturer recommended tools for the job.


VW Polo 1.4 Cambelt

VW Polo 1.4 cam Timing Pins

The damaged that can be caused by incorrect timing of the camshafts and crankshaft can be extensive and very costly
to repair.

When the timing belt is to be replaced the garage should replace any guides and tensioners at the same time.

If your vehicles water pump is driven by the timing belt we recommend it is also replaced.

When using a garage/mechanic to carry out your repairs or servicing please make sure they have the correct equipment.

Mobile Car Mechanic Kent Mobile Car Mechanic Faversham

Both Cam Belts

and experience to carry the work out to the highest standards.

A diagnostic scan will be performed before and after repairs.