This is RP  Services installation of a  head unit with reversing camera  to a Nissan 350Z

The owner of the Nissan 350z supplied head unit and camera. RP  services supplied wiring harnesses  and made bespoke harness items.

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AS you can see this is quite an exercise, the plastics have to be removed to allow the

routing of the wires from the camera to the head unit.

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RP Services mobile mechanic kent, Reversing camera location






Here you can see the location of the camera, it is a combined number plate light camera unit. RP Services customer supplied this.




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The picture shows how much wiring is involved in this installation, it is important to be neat and tidy, without excess lengths of wires as this takes up space and creates small amounts of resistance.






This is a closer view of the center consul and head unit.

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RP Services head unit wiring close up

Below is the finished article, our customer asked for the camera to automatically switch when reverse gear is selected.

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Finished Installation

It is important to thoroughly check the operation of all the stereo functions. RP Services  check the operation off all the vehicle electrical equipment. Such as starting, charging, lighting, hvac, wipers washers, steering wheel controls and all other associated equipment.

RP  Services will be happy to discuss your requirements, regarding any type of install, upgrade or fault diagnosis and repair of your in car audio systems.


We are happy to answer questions and try to help you resolve problems you may be having with your vehicle.

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