This week we attended a non starting Jaguar XJ8 4.0 1998 the owner had not experienced any problem leading up to the non start, he had driven home the night before.

In the morning he had started the car as normal driven it off his driveway and parked it on the road. It had been a cold morning; he came back to the car about 40 minutes later and had a non start situation.

The owner then googled  Mobile Car Mechanic Kent Mobile Car Mechanic Sittingbourne and found us.

I had an idea that the Cylinders had been “Washed” I have seen this before on V8 Jaguars, it is where the excess Fuel passes the Piston Rings and washes the oil from the Bores, this will cause a lack of Compression.

The initial checks were to confirm Fuel Rail Pressure and Spark, both were good, after this the engine was spun with Spark Plugs removed to expel any Fuel from the Cylinders.

Oil is the introduced into each cylinder and the Spark Plugs were fitted.

The car was then turned over a number of times, this re-sealed the Piston Rings.

The Coils were then installed and the car started.

Expect the exhausts to smoke as the oil gets burnt away.

The tip here is when you run the Jaguar V’s make sure you let them run for at least 3 or 4 minutes especially when cold or you may face the same problem.