RP Automotive Services are seeing more and more often cars that have been regularly serviced but not had the brake fluid checked for moisture.
Most car manufacturers specify brake fluid should be replaced every 2 years. This is because brake fluid absorbs moisture which in turn dramatically reduces the fluids boiling point.
The heat caused by friction when the brakes are used is considerable and when there is 3% or more moisture in the brake fluid this will have a significant effect on the braking efficiency of the car by boiling the fluid under prolonged or

heavy breaking .
We check the moisture levels as part of the routine service schedule. Please check with your garage or mechanic that this is also part of their service.
It only takes a couple of minutes and could save lives. Frequently the customer who has had their car serviced at reputable garages are surprised when they see the results of the brake fluid test.
Car owners put a lot of trust into the hands of garages and mechanics, being professional means that we don’t just make sure the pads/shoes are good and top up the fluid it means checking the system this includes fluid moisture levels.