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RP Automotive Services offers mobile car servicing, auto diagnostic, mechanical work and MOT repairs on all makes and models of vehicles.

Based in Sittingbourne, our mobile car mechanic services are available throughout Kent and South London. For advice or an estimate contact Richard Pearce Mobile Car Mechanic Sittingbourne Kent

Why Choose Mobile Car Servicing?

Well, you could go to your local servicing agent, drop the car off, make your way back to your home or place of work and wait. Then you have to make your way back, get the car, drive back to your home or to work and loose a load of your precious time.

Alternatively, you could pick up the phone, get a quote, arrange a convenient time and let me worry about the rest.

Best Of All, Get Your Car Repaired Or Serviced At Work

Why cut into your personal time when you can have your car serviced at work. Don’t lose time or money and all without upsetting the boss.

Surely That’s Going To Cost More?

No premises to pay for! No staff to pay! Starting to make sense? Why not give me a call, you might just be pleasantly surprised.

Our Mobile Car Servicing Options Include:-

Mobile Car Repairs

Mobile Car Servicing

Fault Finding & Fault Code Reading 

Full Diagnostic Service

 Remaps available

Modern Cars Need Modern Equipment

Modern motor vehicles  are very sophisticated and incorporate many technical  electrical management systems. Everything from engine management to audio system are controlled electronically.
With such complex systems there is an obvious need for specialised diagnostic equipment. In some cases you can do more harm than good by carrying out repairs without the right tools for the job.
Diagram Of Car Mechanics

Some Of The Many Systems That Are Controlled Electronically

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