Nissan 350Z Head Unit With Reversing Camera

This is RP  Services installation of a  head unit with reversing camera  to a Nissan 350Z

The owner of the Nissan 350z supplied head unit and camera. RP  services supplied wiring harnesses  and made bespoke harness items.

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AS you can see this is quite an exercise, the plastics have to be removed to allow the

routing of the wires from the camera to the head unit.

rp services mobile mechanic faversham nissan 350z

RP Services mobile mechanic kent, Reversing camera location






Here you can see the location of the camera, it is a combined number plate light camera unit. RP Services customer supplied this.




rp services mobile car mechanic,mobile diagnostics sittingbourne,kent   RP Services head unit install Nissan 350z

 The picture shows how much wiring is involved in this installation, it is important to be neat and tidy, without excess lengths of wires as this takes up space and creates small amounts of resistance.






This is a closer view of the center consul and head unit.

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RP Services head unit wiring close up

Below is the finished article, our customer asked for the camera to automatically switch when reverse gear is selected.

rp services mobile car mechanic kent

Finished Installation

It is important to thoroughly check the operation of all the stereo functions. RP Services  check the operation off all the vehicle electrical equipment. Such as starting, charging, lighting, hvac, wipers washers, steering wheel controls and all other associated equipment.

RP  Services will be happy to discuss your requirements, regarding any type of install, upgrade or fault diagnosis and repair of your in car audio systems.


We are happy to answer questions and try to help you resolve problems you may be having with your vehicle.

Advice is free.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.



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Renault Scenic dephaser pulley failure

Renault Renault Scenic dephaser pulley failure
Damage caused by seized dephaser pulley on a Renault Scenic Megane f4r
These photographs show the damage of the valves and pistons in a f4r 464 Renault engine due to failure of the dephaser unit.

This is becoming more regular as some garages and mechanics do not know how to check this item correctly.

It is very important that the pulley is checked for excessive play when carrying out cam belt replacement.

If your Renault Scenic Megane or Renault engine fitted with variable timing has a top end rattle it is advisable that you get it checked by a reputable mechanic or garage.

mobile car mechanic kent

Cylinder head and valve damage



This engine had to be replaced due to the catastrophic damage caused.

Cam belt failure Renault Scenic Megane

Cylinder block and piston damage


The role of this pulley is to allow variable timing adjustment it works using a hydraulic system with oil pressure being supplied by the engines oil pump via a valve in the cylinder head.
On later models the valve is electronically monitored.

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Vauxhall Zafira Service (INSP) Light Reset

This procedure is for the Vauxhall Zafira A Service (INSP) Light Reset

R P Services  recommends sitting in the drivers seat Handbrake on and door closed. This procedure is for right hand drive cars, if  you have a left hand drive car then where we state “left hand” use right and where we say “right hand” use left.


With your left hand press and hold the trip reset button.


With your right hand insert key into the ignition.


Turn key to position “II” ignition lights on engine NOT started.


Keeping the trip reset button pressed you will see “INSP” and after a while “_ _ _” will be displayed.


Turn key to the “OFF” position thn release the trip reset button.


Turn key to position “II” ignition lights on engine NOT started.


That completes the service light reset for the Vauxhall Zafira A.

R P SERVICES would like to state that this process should only be used after the vehicle has been serviced.

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VW Polo Cam Belt And Water Pump Setting

Volkswagen Polo 1.4 16v cam belt and water pump replacement

Here are a few pictures of how a VW polo 1.4 16v should be timed up using the correct equipment.
At RP Automotive Services we do not rely on tippex , drill bits, bolts or other methods for setting the timing we use the manufacturer recommended tools for the job.


VW Polo 1.4 Cambelt

VW Polo 1.4 cam Timing Pins

The damaged that can be caused by incorrect timing of the camshafts and crankshaft can be extensive and very costly
to repair.

When the timing belt is to be replaced the garage should replace any guides and tensioners at the same time.

If your vehicles water pump is driven by the timing belt we recommend it is also replaced.

When using a garage/mechanic to carry out your repairs or servicing please make sure they have the correct equipment.

Mobile Car Mechanic Kent Mobile Car Mechanic Faversham

Both Cam Belts

and experience to carry the work out to the highest standards.

A diagnostic scan will be performed before and after repairs.





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Daimler Jaguar XJ8 Not Starting

This week we attended a non starting Jaguar XJ8 4.0 1998 the owner had not experienced any problem leading up to the non start, he had driven home the night before.

In the morning he had started the car as normal driven it off his driveway and parked it on the road. It had been a cold morning; he came back to the car about 40 minutes later and had a non start situation.

The owner then googled  Mobile Car Mechanic Kent Mobile Car Mechanic Sittingbourne and found us.

I had an idea that the Cylinders had been “Washed” I have seen this before on V8 Jaguars, it is where the excess Fuel passes the Piston Rings and washes the oil from the Bores, this will cause a lack of Compression.

The initial checks were to confirm Fuel Rail Pressure and Spark, both were good, after this the engine was spun with Spark Plugs removed to expel any Fuel from the Cylinders.

Oil is the introduced into each cylinder and the Spark Plugs were fitted.

The car was then turned over a number of times, this re-sealed the Piston Rings.

The Coils were then installed and the car started.

Expect the exhausts to smoke as the oil gets burnt away.

The tip here is when you run the Jaguar V’s make sure you let them run for at least 3 or 4 minutes especially when cold or you may face the same problem.

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VOSA MOT regulations from January 2012


I have put together a brief description of some of the new  MOT regulations, as you can see the vehicle diagnostic indicators play a bigger part in the test now.


Advisory from January Fail from April

There is not much different here apart from (ESC) “traction control” and brake fluid warning light.
Condition including inappropriate repairs or modifications, operation and performance (efficiency test). Note the removal of the road wheels and trims are not part of the test. ABS or electronic stability control (ESC) where fitted. Check of the MIL for ABS, electronic stability control, electronic park brake and brake fluid warning.

Body or vehicle structure and general items

The test now includes the operation of the electrical socket for cars fitted with a towbar, the illumination of the speedometer  and worn or defective engine mounts.
Free from excessive corrosion or damage in specific areas. No sharp edges likely to cause injury. Towbar for security, condition, inappropriate repairs or modification. Correct operation of 13  pin electrical socket. Speedometer condition and operation. Engine mountings.

Electrical Wiring

The condition of a cars wiring will be inspected for damage this will be a visual check for chaffing, the MOT tester will not remove any parts for access.

Exhaust Emissions

If your vehicle has a decat pipe you will have problems as testers will now be looking for vehicles that have had their cat removed and they will fail the test.
Vehicle meets the requirements for exhaust emissions, dependent on the age and fuel type of the vehicle.


If your vehicle has (HID) High Intensity Discharge lights which are non standard the car will be likely to fail.
Condition, operation including HID and LED headlamps for cleaning, self levelling and security. Headlamp aim. Main beam warning light

Seat belts

Advisory from January Fail from April

Until now the airbag light was not part of the MOT, as of this month it will be included in the test this point will cause a lot of cars failing the test.
All the seat belts fitted are checked for type, condition, operation and security. All mandatory seat belts must be in place. Check of the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) for air bags and seat belt pre tensioners.


In this part of the MOT the tester has to be able to adjust and lock the seat in at least three positions back and

forward it also includes electric seats.
Driver’s seat can be adjusted. All seats for security and seat backs can be secured in the upright position

Steering and suspension

Advisory from January Fail from April

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is tested for cars 1st used from 1st January 2012.

Power steering fluid will now be checked, also the steering lock will be tested for correct operation. The tester will check for the presence of faults displayed in the vehicles system, these will include the tyre pressure monitoring system.
Condition, steering oil level, operation, a check for inappropriate repairs or modification including corrosion to power steering pipes or hoses. Operation of steering lock mechanism. Check of the MIL for electronic power steering and steering lock.

These are just some of the new regulations which will affect drivers there are also regulations that will have a greater impact on modified vehicles such as ride height and clearences between wheels and arches etc.



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Brake Fluid

RP Automotive Services are seeing more and more often cars that have been regularly serviced but not had the brake fluid checked for moisture.
Most car manufacturers specify brake fluid should be replaced every 2 years. This is because brake fluid absorbs moisture which in turn dramatically reduces the fluids boiling point.
The heat caused by friction when the brakes are used is considerable and when there is 3% or more moisture in the brake fluid this will have a significant effect on the braking efficiency of the car by boiling the fluid under prolonged or

heavy breaking .
We check the moisture levels as part of the routine service schedule. Please check with your garage or mechanic that this is also part of their service.
It only takes a couple of minutes and could save lives. Frequently the customer who has had their car serviced at reputable garages are surprised when they see the results of the brake fluid test.
Car owners put a lot of trust into the hands of garages and mechanics, being professional means that we don’t just make sure the pads/shoes are good and top up the fluid it means checking the system this includes fluid moisture levels.




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The Internal Combustion Engine

The internal combustion engine is an engine in which the combustion of a fuel occurs with a mixture of air in a combustion chamber.
In an internal combustion engine, the expansion of the high-temperature and gases produced by combustion applies direct force to the pistons.
This force moves the pistons over a distance, generating mechanical energy, which is in turn transmitted to the flywheel via the crankshaft.
The term internal combustion engine usually refers to an engine in which combustion is intermittent, such as the more familiar four-stroke and two-stroke engines.
With variants, such as the six-stroke piston engine and the rotary engine.

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